MCS/LPC Email Hosting Options

MCS Hosting offers basic email services included for free with our web hosting packages. These include a limited number of email boxes with space quotas and email forwards. While these options are adequate for many small domains or businesses, some customers may need a more robust email solution.

We’re happy to help you find the right solution for you.

Some terms defined

Email client

This is the software you use on your end to connect to your email account. Popular examples would be Outlook, (on the Mac), Thunderbird, and iOS Mail on the iPhone.


Webmail is a method of accessing your email without dedicated client software, instead using a web browser to connect to your email account. The most famous of these is gMail.

Mail Server

The computer somewhere on the internet where your mail is stored as files until you connect to the server with your email client (or webmail) to read and respond.

Mailbox (or email account)

Think of this as the actual place on a server where your email is stored. Technically, each email can be thought of as a text file, that gets routed over the internet from the sender’s mailbox to the receiver’s mailbox. It then waits in the mailbox until the receiver retrieves it.


The amount of space your email box is allowed to take up. Because space on servers is often limited, mailboxes often have size quotas. While most text email is very small, the space can build up over time. Attachments and media (photos and video) can clog up mailboxes.

Domain Name

This is the “URL” for your email address. It’s unique to your organization. If you have a website at, you will want your email to be

Third Party Email Host

A third party email host is email hosted by a company or service other than the one who hosts your website. For example if MCS is your web host but your email is hosted by Zoho or Office 365. Some third party hosts are email only, while others are full featured business support tools, and include applications such as instant messaging, online word processing, Customer Relationship Management, etc.

Why does MCS Hosting use email quotas?

MCS Hosting is a web host, pure and simple. Our servers are configured to provide performance to your web sites. Because of this, while the servers are capable of supporting email, storage and maintenance of that data has a higher cost than it would on a server tuned for email. If we did not limit the storage space (quota) of email accounts, they could become overwhelmed and cause performance issues for our primary business, which is web sites.

What’s the solution?

If you find that you need a robust email solution, we offer integration with several third party email hosts. We can set your email accounts up with a solution that works for you.